Why does Construct 2 need a wiki?

Although Scirra's official website has a ton of useful information found in the manual as well as a growing set of tutorials in addition to an active community and forum, we believe that having a completely open and fully editable wiki adds additional value by providing the Construct community with a source of easily navigable information in a well-known and standard format.

The official Scirra forums are a treasure trove of useful information. Unfortunately, due the inherent nature of a forum, much of this information tends to get buried over time and one can sticky only so many threads. The tutorials are less of a reference source and more of a How-To for specific problems. The Construct 2 Wikipedia tries to act as a residual repository for useful information on the internals of C2, modular code design and reusability, and design practices.

Does C2 Wiki support multiple languages?

Yes! Whether you want to add new information in your native language, or simply wish to translate an existing article, we recognize that the Construct 2 community is a diverse and international one. If you finish a translation, feel free to add a link to the original article. Also be sure to add a page tag indicating the language (english, spanish, chinese, japanese, german, portuguese, french, italian, etc)

What should I do after finishing an article?

Publish it! Remember to include any relevant references, citations, and tags. If you believe the article is related other articles, create a link between the two!

What if I have a question not answered by the FAQ?

Just add the answer to the FAQ. No not really. But feel free to get in touch with one of the administrators.