Construct uses standard 0-360 degrees to represent angles starting at the right and incrementing in a clockwise fashion.

Angle Chart in Construct 2

Some expressions in Construct such as "angle(x0,y0,x1,y1)" return an angle from -180 to +180. All Construct mathematical commands are compatible with negative/positive ranges. However, if a developer requires a normalized angle from 0-360, the following formula will accomplish this:

Normalizing an Angle

((Angle % 360) + 360) % 360

The % is the modulo operator. It gets the division remainder between two numbers.


Step 1: Angle % 360
Single angle could be negative or positive, the first modulo returns a remainder between -359 to +359 degrees.
Step 2: Add 360 degrees
Returns the positive quadrant equivalent: (ex: -90 degrees would be pointing upward, this returns 270 degrees)
Step 3: % 360
If original angle was positive, step 2 would have caused it to exceed 360 degrees, so take the modulo again.